Would you like to experience something unique and authentic for a change? If yes, Palm Disain is for you!

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Backup_of_Näituse eksemplarid ja müügiartiklid mont 2

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Palm Disain is a company that unites two artists, a sister and a brother.

Heili Palm-Vaikma is a designer as well as a costume designer.
Heili Palm-Vaikma

Lembit Palm is a blacksmith and a metal artist.


Palm Disain is an enterprise that deals with the design, production and the sales of their own exclusive products.

Palm Disain offers:

– Interior design and consultations,

– design and production of forged furniture – including bathroom furniture, lamps, mirrors and other interior design elements,

– restauration and/or re-design of antique furniture and other old/ancient objects,

– design, re-design and production of clothing, costumes and accessories using recycled as well as new materials.

Our mission is to design and create unique high-quality products of interior design, clothing and accessories and offer solutions that enable people to get a sense of uniqueness in themselves and their surroundings.

If you are interested in our work and would like to buy or order something from us, please do not hesitate to contact us:




56452694 Heili

56562458 Lembit


Reg nr: 12736108

Vaate tee 26, 12111 Tallinn

In addition to design, Heili and Lembit have been connected by sports (figure skating) and the art of dance. Together they have staged performances and produced stage design  and theatrical stage costumes.

You can see the gallery of their previous work  under the following links:

Heili’s works:

Figure skating dresses,

collection of exclusive parasols and dresses: “Eclipsis”,


Costume collection for a dance performance “In the Darkness”,

Costume collection: “Ambassadors”,

Costume collection: “Barbarians”,

Some sketches.

Lembit’s work:

Architectural forgings

Facade forgings

Bathroom forgings


Jewelry and accessories

Gifts and prizes

Other forgings

Stainless steel forgings